e-mail - confirmations

The entire order processing happens via email. Therefore it is extremely important that you give us a valid email address when registering on our website.
If you think that you should have already received an email from Ticketbande and you did not please check whether the email was mistakenly put in the spam mail folder or if your email account does not have enough space.

Confirmation of receipt:

After you consented to the order conditions and the General Terms and Agreements and have bindingly sent your order, a confimation of receipt will be sent via email. This automatic generated email summarises all the data of your order. Please carefully check the arruracy of all your given data and report any discrepancy to our customer support centre. In this mail you receive an order number that you need for all following affairs. This email is not a confirmation of your order!

Acceptance of order:

The acceptance of order usually arrives within 8 hours after sending the order, on rare occasions it can take up to 48 hours.
If you selected advance payment the acceptance of order is the request for payment at the same time.  You will then be informed about our bank information. You need to transfer the money to this account within 4 days.

Receipt of payment:

You will be informed about the receipt of payment via email. As soon as we receive your payment you will be sent a confirmation email. If in the meantime you already received a reminder to pay, you can ignore this. We also send reminders to pay via email if we did not receive the payment in due time.

Shipping mail:

We inform you about the shipment of your tickets via email. In that email you will find the tracking number and the links that directs you to the tracking of your shipment. If your tickets get send by our external partners the change of status to "sent" can take a bit longer in some cases if we have not yet received the tracking number.

For additional information about the shipment please read the section "shipping" in our online help.

Important note:

All our emails are generated automatically. Please do not reply to these emails. These emails are saved in your customer account and you can access them at all times.

Customer Support:

We have tickets available for countless events worldwide. Of course the number of emails, requests and questions about categories or date of shipping ist also countless. Since we are always trying to improve the quality of our customer support you can find answers to all possible questions in our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on our website. Further information for example about the delivery of your tickets or security arrangements can be found in the sections Shipping methods and Payment method in our Online help.


For all other requests you should use our Contact form