Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers for an unforgettable experience

With the alltickets voucher you now no longer have to worry about knowing the tastes of the recipient - our vouchers are valid for the entire range of events and can therefore be redeemed for any events offered by us worldwide. We will gladly take on individual needs and arrange events for you outside of our usual range. So with a voucher you always make the right choice.

Please note: The alltickets gift vouchers are available in increments from CHF/EUR 20.00 to CHF/EUR 200.00 and can be redeemed through within 18 months of the date of issue. The vouchers are transferable at any time.

Check the remaining amount of your voucher

In case you are uncertain about the remaining amount on your voucher, you can simply type in your voucher code below. Our system will then determine the remaining amount and will show it to you.


Voucher to print yourself

Via the following link, you can find a blank copy of the voucher. You can then use it as you wish for your personal requirements and bring your creativity to bear. Please note that the print-out cannot be redeemed for a voucher via our web shop.

Coupon link (PDF)