General Terms and Conditions

Dear Customer,

the following terms and conditions define the contractual relationship between you as customer and Ticketbande for all deliveries and services (including any provided information) by Ticketbande.

* Contract conclusion
* Dispatching goods and fees
* Payment
* Returns
* Exceeding of delivery dates
* Compensation
* Handling of private data
* Final clauses

Contract conclusion Ticketbande sells all tickets as original tickets, as tickets from the book entry systems “CTS (Euroticket)", "Ticketbande" and "Start, or by sales of bons.

Ticketbande arranges for the contract of the event holder and is comissioned by the customer to arrange for the purchase and deliverance of the ticket. The customer enters into a contract by hitting the “submit order” button in the order form.

Ticketbande acknowledge the order by sending the customer a confirmative. Ticketbande has the right to cancel the contract under the condition that, at the time of receiving the payment, the number of ordered tickets in the chosen price category is no longer available. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the information on events given on the Ticketbande website.

After ordering a ticket, the customer has no Right of withdrawal/cancellation according to § 312 b clause 3 Nr. 6. Thus all orders on tickets are legally committal. The customer is obliged to purchase and pay all ordered tickets, immediately after our confirmation of the purchase.

For any desired group of seats only our prices per ticket are relevant. We cannot guarantee tickets for any particular rank or seat.

All internet sales by Ticketbande are always subject to our own Terms and Conditions without infringing the Terms and Conditions of any auction house such as eBay. We reserve the right to cancel orders and internet auctions and to withdraw from a contract of purchase in case the sale is based provably on wrong specifications that result from mistakes in entering the specific data in the internet auction. Furthermore, we shall not be held responsible for wrong contents in any advertisement. Additionally, we reserve the right to cancel the contract of purchase in case the customer does not get into contact with us within 12 hours after the auction is closed as well as in case there is proof that the customer did not provide for payment within three days after the purchase. Our bank account information is accessible via ebay at all time and when an auction is closed the customer’s attention is called to them.

Note that we cannot cancel any booking of tickets. In case the customer fails to claim the purchased tickets, he nevertheless is obliged to provide payment for the total amount of the ticket plus any due fees. Only under strict reserve are we able to try reselling tickets from cancelled purchases. The refund will only be as high as the actual price of reselling the ticket minus a service charge of 15%.

Despatch of goods and Fees

All tickets will be despatched on the risk of the purchaser (client). This also holds for “home deliveries”. Since the tickets will be delivered by open yet registered mail, the risk for the purchaser is reduced to a minimum. Ticketbande reserves the right to choose an appropriate delivery service. The customer may choose a transport insurance, which will be charged extra. The fees of despatch comprise not only the effective postal charges but all costs that arise from despatching the tickets (including our costs of purchasing the tickets, the manual quality check, the processing of incoming payments, despatching the tickets together with voucher/ receipt. The ticket price as sold by Ticketbande often varies from the price printed on the actual ticket. This is due to expenses that arise out of purchasing tickets of the “sold-out” category. It may occur that we do not hold in stock the number of required tickets as asked for by a client. In case we are unable to purchase appropriate number of the tickets from any of our partner agencies, it is understood that we will notify you in time and eventually make you an alternative offer. In the very few cases we have to order the tickets directly from our product partner or from a ticket agency, please allow a couple of days for delivery. All ticket prices by Ticketbande are actual prices and, depending on the event, include all fees for advance sale and service charge. The price also includes the respective amount of VAT. On any order of tickets, the full fee of advance sale is to be assumed.


The total amount of the order, including all fees, is due to payment immediately after the purchase (reception of confirmative email). All goods remain property of Ticketbande until total payment is provided. In case any payment should be redebited, Ticketbande is entitled to demand the return of all ordered tickets. Note that we cannot guarantees any fixed delivery dates. Notwithstanding, we successfully do our very best to dispatch any goods within 24 hours after receipt of payment. In case of any delay in delivery we will inform the client immediately.

The paying procedure is coded SSL. The credit card is loaded directly after the order procedure.

After you made the purchasing 0211/86399949 will appear on your creditcard billing.


Since Ticketbande is not responsible for any event, we shall not be hold liable for any cancelation, changes of the program or of the starting time. Furthermore Ticketbande shall not be held liable for and thus will not grant any payment of eventual costs for accommodation or travel. Regardless of any legal grounds (impossibility, delay, default in performance of contract, faults in conclusion of contract, civil offence) Ticketbande shall only be liable for compensation in cases when our legal agents or assistants acted on purpose and in culpable negligence. This disclaiming of liability does not apply neither in cases of infringements of essential parts of the contract nor in cases of liability for guaranteed qualitites.


A ticket can only be returned if the event is cancelled or postponed. In these cases, the customer has to return the ticket to Ticketbande immediately and not later than five days after the date on which the event had been originally scheduled. In general, customers will be refunded the price printed on the ticket, in so far as they hand in the original tickets (no copies) that they had purchased via the Ticketbande internet shop. Only in few cases will the fees for advance sale and service charge as included in the original price be refunded. Lost tickets are excluded from returns. Sport events may be postponed at short notice. For the exactly appointed day and time customers will have to refer to the daily press. Tickets for sport events that have been rescheduled are excluded from returns.

Handling of private data

We will handle and protect personal data in accordance to the data privacy regulations stipulated in the contract. Personal data (e.g. name, address, email, telephone number, etc) will be collected, processed and used in an automatic procedure to the extent necessary for placing, formulating or changing the conditions of a contract. In order to ensure that the entered contracts will be fulfilled, Ticketbande is entitled to forward personal data, if necessary, to third parties appointed to carrying out the contract.

If a customer does not expressly object, Ticketbande and eventually including our co-branding partner from whose website the customer was directed to our shop, are entitled furthermore to collect, process and use any personal data for their own purposes of consultancy, advertisement and market research as well as the customer-oriented layout of offers. The customer can withdraw this concession at any time and without the need for justification.

Your personal datas will not be used or saved and will not be sent to third parties.All payment transactions are encrypted by SSL.

Final clause

In case a provision of the General Terms is or becomes invalid, the validity of the whole contract shall not be affected.

This contract is valid in accordance to the law of Zuid Limburg Holland. The application of the UN Sales Convention (CISG),regulating contracts on the international purchase of goods, is excluded. The exclusive place of performance of despatch, service and payment is Zuid Limburg Holland. In case both parties of a contract are merchants, any direct or indirect disputes arising from this contractual agreement shall be settled only before a competent court of law in Zuid Limburg Holland.

In case of cross-border contracts, it is agreed upon that the sole legal venue for any dispute arising from this contractual relationship is Zuid Limburg Holland (Article 17 of the European Civil Jurisdiction Convention on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgements in Civil and Commercial Matters as settled on 27 September 1968, "EuGVU"). We reserve the right to also call upon any other competent court of law, which has jurisdiction according to said EuGVU as settled on 27 September 1968.

01. Februar 2007

In case of inconsistencies between the German version and versions in other languages of the terms and conditions, thGerman version shall prevail.