Buyer's Guarantee

Our Buyer's Guarantee
Ticketbande is a ticket platform for event agencies and individuals that have tickets for certain events but will not be able to use them. The platform has one of the largest concert and sport databases in the world. All around the world certified ticket brokers sell their tickets on Ticketbande.
By ordering from Ticketbande you benefit from our large know-how in the ticketing market and our buyer's guarantee. Consumer protection recommends Ticketbande.

Our guarantees for all customers are

1)      the authenticity of our tickets

Ticketbande only sells authenticated tickets from official ticket agencies. Tickets that are bought on our platform are send to our support centre first, if the time allows it. The staff members check all tickets and scan them in. Online tickets, or sometimes referred to as e-Tickets get checked, filed and assigned to customers as well.

2)      the quality of our tickets

Ticketbande is the only ticket platform in the world that has its own international patent. The "method for calculating the similarity of service tenders" makes it possible for us to determine the true quality of the tickets that you receive. We demand the highest quality, from ourselves and the tickets that we sell. That means that we always try to broker the best tickets possible.

3)      the on-time delivery

Ticketbande always chooses the right mode of shipment so that even when the shipping happens at short notice you will receive your tickets on time. We work with UPS and the Deutsche Post. In many big cities Ticketbande has partner offices or colleagues. That allows a pick-up or a handover on the day of the event.

If the tickets are demonstrably delivered after the event you will get a full refund of your money.

4)      a safe transaction

All credit card transactions are administered by the company Heidelpay. The customer benefits from the security guarantees of Heidelpay. Ticketbande itself does not receive any credit card information. Even if you transfer the money via bank account Ticketbande does not receive any information or bank data. This information is only needed in case of a refund and we will ask you personally for this information.

The best guarantee for our customers is our cooperation with credit card companies. Those cooperations are only possible due to our reliable and punctual shipment of the ordered and paid tickets.

5)      a competent customer support

2010 Ticketbande was one of the 12 most important online ticketshops that have been tested by the Deutschen Institut für Servicequalität (German Institute of service quality). At that time our service already stood up above that of other known ticketshops, on the primary and secondary market.

Since then we have steadily improved our customer support.

Best proof for our great customer service is the positive feedback that we received from our customers.