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Queen + Adam Lambert Tickets
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Queen and Adam Lambert European Tour | Tickets and Concerts 2024

Queen and Adam Lambert fans take note! Queen and Adam Lambert have announced new shows for 2024! The band will start at the Vantelin Dome in Nagoya on February 4, before heading to Osaka on February 7 and Sapporo on February 10, then spending two nights at the Tokyo Dome on February 13 and 14.

All over the world, fans of Queen and Adam Lambert are eagerly waiting for the band to finally make their way back to Europe. Will the fans' wishes be heard and will there finally be another big European tour in 2024? Sign up now to get all the information on Queen and Adam Lambert tickets and stay updated on their upcoming tour.

Get your tickets for a possible Queen and Adam Lambert Tour 2024.

Queen + Adam Lambert is a terrific combination and an equally unique live experience! After the rockers from London performed for the first time together with the American Idol participant "We Are The Champions" at its finale in 2009, it was quickly clear that it would not remain with this one-time performance. The new interpretation of Queen songs delighted a wide audience, including - despite initial skepticism - many long-time Queen fans. Adam Lambert has been an integral part of the rock band from Great Britain since 2012. He was never concerned with replacing the late frontman Freddie Mercury. Rather, with his fantastic voice and great stage presence, the singer presents Queen classics "We Are The Champions", "We Will Rock You", "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Another One Bites The Tust" in his own way. In recent years, Adam Lambert has thus provided unforgettable live shows together with Queen.
In 2020, Queen released the live album "Around The World" together with Adam Lambert, which is composed of recordings from over 200 live shows. The record only increased fans' anticipation of a Queen + Adam Lambert concert. In 2024, it could be that time again! Sign up for ticketbande now and be the first to know as soon as news about a Queen + Adam Lambert tour 2024 is released.

The "Live Around The World" Tracklist:

* "Tear It Up" (May)
* "Now I'm Here" (May)
* "Another One Bites The Dust" (Deacon)
* "Fat Bottomed Girls" ft. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (May)
* "Don't Stop Me Now" (Mercury)
* "I Want To Break Free" (Deacon)
* "Somebody To Love" (Mercury)
* "Love Kills" (The Ballad) (Mercury/Moroder)
* "I Was Born To Love You" (Mercury)
* "Under Pressure" (Queen/Bowie)
* "Who Wants To Live Forever" (May)
* "The Show Must Go On" (Queen)
* "Love Of My Life" (Mercury)
* "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Mercury)
* "Radio Ga Ga" (Taylor)
* "Ay-Ohs" (Mercury)
* "Hammer To Fall" (May)
* "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (Mercury)
* "We Will Rock You" (May)
* "We Are The Champions" (Mercury)
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